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Pantone Color Specifier & Guide Sets - Paper Supplement  
Pantone Color Specifier & Guide Sets - Paper Supplement
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Color Specifier & Guide Set Supplements

* 210 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors on paper

* Set includes six-tear-out chips of each color with matching guide

* More eco-friendly formulations indicated by TPG color suffix

* Easy to view colors

* Specifier pages are in perforated chip format for easy palette creation

* Globally available in 80 countries


New eco-friendly PANTONE Color Formulas – now in an easier-to-use and store format!

The Color Specifier & Guide Set Supplements present the new 210 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors created from new, more Earth-friendly formulations and an accompanying new PANTONE Color Number suffix, TPG (Textile Paper – “Green”). The colorant combinations have been modified to remove all lead pigments and chromium, while maintaining the same color integrity as the previous versions that featured the TPX suffix. Reformulating the colors in this product to make them more eco-friendly has allowed us to meet compliance standards in European countries and other parts of the world.

In addition to the eco-friendly formulas, we’ve made other enhancements to improve the user experience. The guides and specifier supplements can easily be placed in the already existing binder and storage sleeve for easy storage. Replacement pages for the specifier are available to replenish old pages.

Ideal for non-fabric materials, the PANTONE Color Specifier and PANTONE Color Guide have been redesigned for the ultimate in color selection and control. All 210 new colors are now arranged in a chromatic flow that enhances inspiration and speeds production.

PANTONE Color Specifier features six tear-out chips of each PANTONE Color, making it ideal for palette development and presentations. Chips attach to sketches and design files for accurate color communication and quality assurance at every stage of product development.

PANTONE Color Guide is a handy, take-along guide – perfect for sample shopping, client meetings and on-site reviews. It’s your complete, comprehensive color library in a compact format.


* 210 new FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors

* Supplements can easily be added into the existing Specifier and Guide Set

* Six tear-out chips of each color for palette development, color communication and attaching to design sketches and files

* Colors are chromatically arranged and referenced by PANTONE Name and Number

* Individual replacement pages are available for Specifier


* 210 lacquer-on-paper colors

* Color numbers feature new TPG suffix

* Reformulated colors meet international compliance standards

* Colors are referenced with a PANTONE Name and Number

* PANTONE Colors are recognized around the world as the premier color standard


The fan format of the Color Guide makes it easy to view entire color families, and then hone on the perfect color. Simply fan out the pages as much or as little as you need to view as much of the color range as desired.

The Color Specifier allows you to easily build palettes of your selected colors with six tear-out chips per color. You can also provide chips to your production partners or customers for definitive communication of the exact color.

Includes Color Index to easily locate colors.
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