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Pantone© Smart color swatch card
Pantone© Products


PANTONE™ is the international language of color for the fashion industry.  But instead of words it uses 2,310 numbers.  These color numbers are accepted throughout the world as the standard in color expression for fashion and textile dyes.  Like a dictionary, PANTONE™ colors do not change from year to year, though periodically [every five years or so] colors are added and sometimes removed.
Which PANTONE™ product is right for you?

Pantone®Fashion Home & Interior Color Guide

Pantone® Fashion Home & Interior Color Specifier & Guide

Pantone TPX Specifier replacement pages

Pantone®Fashion Home & Interior Cotton Planner

Pantone®Fashion Home & Interior Cotton Swatch Library

Pantone®Fashion Home & Interior Cotton Passport

If you are the decision-maker in color, PANTONE™ offers and The Fashion Bookstore sells, all 2,310 colors in large, 4’ x 8’ Cotton Swatches because the paper products do not convey color hue as accurately as color-saturated fabric.  Large swatches simply help you to better see color dye.  Also, when colors are placed beside each other, they interact.  This interaction influences the whole color impression; truly informed  decisions can only be made by seeing the colors on fabric in dynamic relation.

you work in graphics and therefore your color ideas are expressed in ink, you require the products from the Graphic System.  This system comes in two formats, both including coated and uncoated sections.
PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated
PANTONE PLUS Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated (2-book set)
Metallic Formula Guide

Need a color forecast by seasons for fashion, home, and interior design?

Pantone Light Box
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