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Statistical and informational reports offering a variety of important resources for business plans,  marketing decisions, trends, and sourcing.   

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Fabric, trims, services, and fashion jewelry suppliers


         RN Database U. S.

            RN Database Canada




The RN Databases, U. S. and Canada                       

 The RN Databases contain the  "Registered Identification Numbers"

 [issued by the Federal Trade Commission since 1941 for the U. S. and by the

 Competition Bureau in Canada] when businesses residing in their respective countries

  are engaged in the manufacture, importing, distribution, or sale of textile, wool, or fur
 products. Though not required, the number is placed on garments or products

 to state true identify .  Many companies acquire an RN and therefore these databases offer

 basic information on existing and especially new companies.


                        Apparel Resources

                     OTEXA Site map
                     Going Global, Export Guide for Textiles and Apparel
                     U. S. Imports and Exports of Textiles and Apparel
                     Market Reports/Tariffs
                     References and Resources
                     Foreign Tariffs by Country
                     Current Issues Affecting U.S. Textile and Apparel Exporters
                     Foreign Market Information (Country Profiles)
                     Labeling Requirements by Country

                 Pantone Color Report, Fall 2016
                     Pantone Color Cross-Reference
                     Design a Story-style Brochure, 19 pp
                    What is Color? Graphic Design Primer, Color for Fashion (3 Videos)

               Clothing and Accessories Stores
               Apparel Manufacturing
               Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
               Fashion: Spotlight Statistics
                    Consumer Expenditure
                    Fashion Designers, Occupational Outlook Handbook

                  Statistical Abstract of the U. S., 2012 [most recent]
             U. S. Census, Industrial Reports: Apparel

                 U. S. Census, Economic Indicators
                Median Age by Urbanized Areas
                 Children Characteristics
                 Teenagers' Characteristics

New York Times Runway Editorials

Costume Designers Guild Magazine
Fashion Schools
Care Labels: Guide and Symbols

International Swimwear Activewear Market
California Fashion Association
 International Textile and Apparel Association
Harvard Center for Textile & Apparel Publications

Fashion United, The Latest Fashion News from the U. K.
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